compilling qt example or tutorial.

There is anyone who success in compilling qt Example or tutoral ?

On my compile qt Example under RH8.0(gcc3.2)
configure script told me that

checking for CasCade... configure: error: CasCade (libraries) not found. Please check your installation!

What can I do this problem?
Please help me. TT

Thanks in advance for your help!

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For compilling the example,
must we follow the exact OCC Requirments ?

OCC release that RedHat 8.0 also supported.
It sound me there is ok another extra package.

Anyway, I install Tcl, Tk and Tix but QT2.3.
So, My QT version is default version(maybe 3.0.*).

This is possible reason for my above question?

I'm waitting your advanced advice.
Please, ... TT;