Complain about the API consistency between different versions

I'm upgrading my project from 6.5.3 to 6.6.0.
There are so many changes are made betwee these two versions.
For example:
the "Graphic3d_Group::PolyLine(...)" is not available anymore.
2D viewer and plotter support libraries are gone.
I think it isn't a good idea to ignore the compatiblities. It means I have to change my code for every OpenCASCADE release.
Any comment from you guys?

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Dear Shu-Fang Fan,
The mentioned modifications were done in frames of evolution of visualization tools
(see Visualization project published at the page Besides we encourage all members of the development community to contribute to the OCCT road-map by participating in related discussions on the forum.
See also Release Notes of OCCT6.6.0 to find additional details about the the specified modifications ('Modifications/Visualization' chapter):
- Remove 2D viewer library
- Eliminate Polyline and Polygon usage in drawers
Best regards

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Hello, Forum supervisor
Thank you for your quick response.
Any software needs upgrade. But when you do improvement, it is better to keep in mind the compatibility is also important.
Ex: Windows is doing a bad job comparing to UNIX.

I already found the solution for myself. I just hope I won't make change for any new OCCT library release.

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Dear Shu-Fang Fan,
I would like to note that we always keep compatibility for persistence (which is mandatory feature) and publish advises how to port from the previous version (see chapter "Porting to version 6.6.0" of the Release Notes) to the current one.
Concerning eliminated 'Polyline' you also can find advise at the tag linked with bug 23634.

If you have idea how to implement the mentioned compatibility between obsolete feature (or class) in the best way you are welcome to the development portal - We with pleasure will discuss it with you and will try to take into account all your reasonable ideas.
Best regards

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Thank you for your advices.