configure failure of FC18 build


I am trying a first time compile of OCCT on an FC18 machine running 64b 3.8.4 kernel. I at first had problems getting build_configure to complete and had to kill AM_C_PROTOTYPES in to get around a deprecated ANSI check macro. After that, build_configure completed but now ./configure hangs on|

configure:16387: result: no
configure:16387: checking for pthread.h
configure:16387: result: no
configure:16391: error: Posix threads required

pthread.h is in my /usr/includes.

I have installed legions of dependent packages and don't know what I might be still missing at this point. This must be caused by something basic but I cannot figure it out. Help would be appreciated.

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Dear Glenn,
The posted problem is known for us and already fixed.
The patch will be included to the final version of OCCT 6.6.0.
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Thanks. So there is hope. I see from the development portal that 6.6 is now in Beta. Is there a target date for the full release?

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