Connection between ocaf and a database(Help me)

i need to know, if i can connect the persistence documents of ocaf with a database and the way of do it, please if you know something.... thanks

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Dear Ailin,
Current OCAF persistence mechanism doesn't support connection with database.
Standard documents offer you a ready-to-use solutions which suppose conversion
between a transient OCAF Document in memory and its persistent reflection in some
container (in our case - a regular file of OS: asci, xml or binary).
So, you may reuse this approach and develop by yourself pair of Read/Write drivers
which will support connection with a corresponding data base and data translation
to/from the data base. As result you will get persistence schema supporting the data base.
Also you may contact us to get qualified help in this direction via Contact Form
We will be glad to discuss your problem and elaborate more detailed solution acceptable for you.