Connectivity of the edges in sequence?



Consider the following piece of code. 


TopExp_Explorer aEdgeExp (aFace, TopAbs_EDGE);

for(; aEdgeExp.More(); aEdgeExp.Next())


const TopoDS_Edge& aEdge = TopoDS::Edge(aEdgeExp.Current());



My question is, using TopExplorer, what edges we get are sequentially connected to each other or it returns list of random edges?



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TopExp_Explorer iterates through sub-shapes exactly in the order as they have been put into shape during construction.
Edges may be put in connected order or not - this is not required by valid topology.

ShapeExtend_WireData can be used for exploring Wires as ordered list of Edges.

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ShapeExtend_WireData will exist all the time? Or it depends on how the shape is constructed? How do I get ShapeExtend_WireData from a face?


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Hi Rakesh,

To explore edges of a wire in sequence use: BRepTools_WireExplorer

To see opencasde code examples see: OCCExplorer

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