Constructing shape from single faces and doing BooleanOperation


I have created a list of faces, which I sewed using the BRepOffsetAPI_Sewing algorithm. The result is a TopoDS_Shape (myShape), which I shape-fixed and validated. 'myShape' is valid and seems to be closed.
Now I am trying to use BRepAlgoAPI_Cut(aShape, myShape).
This is resulting in an exception, whereas BRepAlgoAPI_Cut(myShape, aShape) is working fine (but is not what I intend to do. The two shapes do not have any faces in common. Does anyone have a clue, what is going on there? Or is there a better solution for building a closed shape from the faces?

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If you are sure that the faces are closed and connected, you can simply use BRepBuilder. Here is my soure that works well in my case:

BRep_Builder aBuilder;
for(int i=1;i<=aFacesInSingle.Extent();i++)
TopoDS_Face F=TopoDS::Face(aFacesInSingle(i));
aBuilder.Add(aShell, F);


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Has your problem been solved? I also met the same problem. Could you show me your code about how to get myShape from BRepOffsetAPI_Sewing?


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Your shape might not be closed but I don't know how to set it closed. Sigh