construction with mouse

Can I construct a box for example or a line not by giving digitals arguments in constructors but by selection with MOUSE in the screen?


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je crois que C++ permet d'avoir comme entée des données de la souris,
et il en meme des fonction déja prétes;

va voir comment utiliser ses fonctions et y inserer les ogjets a dessiner.


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Yeah, English would have been nice. I'm sure more people on this list understand English than French.

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Don't worry - I understand French and I can tell you that even if you don't, you have not missed much in this response.

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You can do this in the InputEvent Function-You have to Convert the clicked mouse coordinates (X, Y)to 3d space coordinates(X, Y, Z) and construct gp_Pnt and do whatever you want further!
See The MFC samples for the InputEvent Function
All the best!

N Sharjith