convert polygon mesh to nurb surface

I would like to know Opencascade fuctionality.
The Question is as follows.
1 i would like to know to exist Opencascade fuction to convert mesh
to nurbs surface.
if it is not exit, how do i can this ?

Thanks in advance for your help,

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Open CASCADE Technology provides functionality to reconstruct a NURBS surface from a cloud of points - you may use the nodes of triangulation as input points. The standard algorithm is implemented in the package GeomPlate. For its initial description, please consult the Modeling Algorithms User's Guide.

In addition, we offer a commercial tool called Surface from Scattered Points that provides advanced functionality of surface reconstruction. Please take a look at its description at

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Is there any sample code for doing this?

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Could you send me your points cloud to:

I'd like have a try for you.