Convert Wire to BSpline Curve

Dear all,
is there an easy way to convert a wire to a BSpline Curve?

It would also help me if there is a way to combine the edges of the wire to one BSpline Curve.

Thank you very much in advance.


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Dear all,
I am still stuck with this problem.
Is there really no way to combine some curves to only one curve? Or some edges to one "big" curve?
Thx in advance.

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You can use the class BRepAdaptor_CompCurve if the interface of Adaptor3d_Curve is sufficient for you. If you need the real Geom_Curve then you have to approximate CompCurve into bspline using available approximation tool (e.g. AdvApprox_ApproxAFunction, see GeomLib::BuildCurve3d).

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Hi Bearloga,
thx for your help. Its a perfect way for me if there would be no other little problem right now:

I thought that I already have got a wire but instead its just edges that are "yet" not connected to a wire.

I tried now to convert them to a wire with the BRepBuilderAPI_makeWire and the add-function.

This all works just fine for most of my wires...but now I have a wire where two of the edges I would like to connect do not share a common point. It might just be a problem of tolerance as the edges are a result of an intersection operation on a stp-file.

But now I am not able to make a wire out of these edges and therefore I am also not able to use the BRepAdaptor_CompCurve class.

Is there also a way to fix the edges so that they will form a "nice" wire?

Thx in advance Bearloga and all the others out there.


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Hi Joachim,

take a look at the ShapeFix classes (esp. ShapeFix_Wire)...



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Thx for your help Patrik,

now I am able to combine my edges to a Wire :)

But as you might have seen in another I have a wire problem :)

Take care.