converting step to stl file

Hi, I'm a new OpenCascade user and have little C++ experience. I am trying to create a relatively simple shape (multiple spheres in aggregate) using Draw Test Harness and saving them as STEP file, to be converted into STL using the sample MFC. I've been able to do this successfully, however the STL file is quite big (25MB). Is there a command for reducing the resolution in Draw Test Harness so that the file size can be reduced? Or if you can recommend a better way that's not too complicated. Thanks heaps!

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Hi Cordelia,

I am looking for a software to convert STEP files til STL files. Is it possible to use your software for this - or do you know any ressources for doing this operation without re-inventing the wheel?

Best regards

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Yes Henrik,
you can use Open Cascade to read a STEP file and write a STL file.


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Would you mind to share your STEP->STL example ? Thanks.