Coordinate Systems in STEP-file

Hello Community,

i need to extract all information from imported STEP-files. They are in the AP214_is format and contain named coordinate systems:


I am loading the STEP-file with the XCAF-Reader. Does anyone know how to access these locations? Help very much appreciated!

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Matthias, I have the same question. So does Shrajith:

I am only familiar with the STEPControl_Reader so far. In the OCCT sample code, it is always used via member function TopoDS_Shape Shape() const. But it has some other methods that return Handle(Standard_Transient), such as:

- Standard_Boolean TransferEntity (const Handle( Standard_Transient) &start)
- Handle(TColStd_HSequenceOfTransient) GiveList(const Standard_CString first="", const Standard_CString second="")

My question would be, what do these methods return? Standard_Transient is not very specific. If it produces StepRepr_RepresentationItem objects, then it may be possible to detect and cast into a StepGeom_Axis2Placement3d. Else maybe it returns Geom_Geometry objects, which could be cast into Geom_Axis2Placement.

STEPControl_Reader also has a method:
Handle(StepData_StepModel) StepModel() const
but this also returns only as Standard_Transient.

Has anyone seen any example of usage of these methods?