cover hole in face


I have

TopoDS_Solid s_box = BRepPrimAPI_MakeBox(gp_Pnt(-a/2,-b/2,-c/2),gp_Pnt(a/2,b/2,c/2));
TopoDS_Solid s_cyl = BRepPrimAPI_MakeCylinder(yaxis1,r1,h1);

I subtract the cylinder from the box with:

BRepAlgoAPI_Cut s_res(s_box,s_cyl);

Everything work fine untill here but the cut operation creates a hole in one of the s_box's faces.
Does anyone know how can I "cover" this hole (while keeping the cylindrical hole) ?

Thanks in advance.

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Here is my persudocode, hope it works.

TopExp_Explorer exp, exp2;
TopoDS_Wire wire, outWireShape;
TopoDS_Face newface;
for(exp.Init(box, TopAbs_FACE); exp.More(); exp.Next())
newface = TopoDS::Face(exp.Current());
outWireShape = TopoDS::Wire(BRepTools::OuterWire(newface));
for(exp2.Init(newface, TopAbs_WIRE); exp2.More(); exp2.Next())
wire = TopoDS::Wire(exp2.Current());
BRepTools_ReShape reshaper;
newface = TopoDS::Face(reshaper.Apply (newface));

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Thanks, but your code does not remove the inner wire from the face.

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Hi Catina,

I think the above code can remove the wire shared by only one face. If it's shared by multiple faces, the code doesn't work.


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Sorry, you're right the code can indeed remove the wire, I made a mistake while typing.
However, what I'm looking for is a boolean operation similar to the non-regularized booleans in the ACIS kernel - the surface formed by the intersection wire of 2 solids is kept in the resulting solid after performing a boolean. I'm not sure this can be done in open Cascade since in the documentation they say the result of a boolean can be only a non-manifold solid.