Crash after reinstalling OCC

After installing opencascade, the sample application crashes and the debugger points somewhere in the plugin loader and the exeption what is being raised there contains the following error message:
The call tree is the following:

Plugin::Load(const Standard_GUID & {...}) line 36 + 12 bytes
CDF_Session::LoadDriver() line 74 + 23 bytes
TDocStd_Application::TDocStd_Application() line 36
TSampleOcaf_Application::TSampleOcaf_Application() line 19 + 37 bytes
CSampleOcafApp::CSampleOcafApp() line 71 + 40 bytes

Do you have an idea how this problem can be solved?

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See when u install fresh OpenCascade. You also have to make some setting in Visual Studio. I hope u have done it. If not they are available at FAQ option "Windows Specific Issuse-Using VC++ environment......" in Community Tag of website

Next after setting open the workspace (Your Example) then build it. I think your problem will be solved.