Crash in BRepFill_Filling.cxx in release version

Hi OCC team,

The crash API is
static TopoDS_Wire WireFromList(TopTools_ListOfShape& Edges)
in BRepFill_Filling.cxx.
The crash point is "Edges.Remove(itl);", it suppose "it1.More" as true. In debug, it will throw exception normally.
In release, it will crash.
Solved by check it1.More() and throw exception manually.
FYI: my occ is occ6.5.3. And I find OCC6.6.0 has the same code (WireFromList) with OCC6.5.3.


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Dear Ding,
I suggest you to register the issue in Mantis BugTracker which is available via the Collaborative portal -
You are also welcome to develop a corresponding patch and make a contribution via the Collaborative portal -
Best regards