Crash on linux and MacOS X11

As I've said here before, I'm working on a project that's using OpenCascade for some representation functionalities. We are using Qt4.3.

I am experiencing this problem on 3 machines.

The first one is crashing when I close the program by a segfault (ubuntu edgy).
The second one is my laptop and segfaults on opening (debian sid).
The third one is another laptop and crashes with this error:
>> terminate called after throwing an instance of 'Aspect_GraphicDeviceDefinitionError'
(mac os X)

This makes me think that it is a wrong initialization problem, but I can't find it.
I've checked Qt OpenCascade on all linux machines and works properly

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could you try to run your program in a debugger? ddd might be the easiest.

Cheers, Torsten

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Another point:

Are you using a native or a X11 Qt on MacOSX. You mut use X11. Native can't work.

Cheers, Torsten

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I'm running it on X11, i'm using your patches in fact, IIRC. :)

I'm debugging it, it hangs when creating the Viewer, I can send you a backtrace if you want to tomorrow.

The backtrace is the same on the linux version that hangs when loading and MacOS X.


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How are you link with Qt4. If you're using any of my QtOOC codes, whic version are you using. The reason I ask is that there were versions on different platforms that had problems with trying to create OpenGL contexts before the window had been correctly initialised. I thought that the qtoccharness on the sourceforge site was working on Win32, Linux and MacOS X11, although the qtgeom code in SVN has improved the widget further.

The graphics initialisation error is also a symptom of an incorrectly set environment variable.