Crash in OCC6.9

Hi everybody,
I installed occ6.9 and vc10sp1. All mfc samples compiled well and executing any of samples and adding a dynamic trihedron in option menu is ok (however it takes more than 5 second to show!) but as soon as i start dynamic rotation command on toolbar the following error occurs. Is it related to opengl? what should I do to overcome this problem? I didn't have this problem with Occ 6.1

I also attached the disassembly window after breaking.

Unhandled exception at 0x000007fefdceaa7d in Viewer3d.exe: Microsoft C++ exception: Standard_NumericError at memory location 0x0021ca38..

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Dear A.Akbari,
The specified issue is unrelated to OpenGL according to the attached call-stack.
To investigate the problem further more detailed scenario is needed - crash during rotation of the only dynamic trihedron seems to be not reproducible.
Also call-stack would be more valuable if it would be captured for Debug build of OCCT.

The symptoms in general look like the following bug:

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