Crash on running applicaiton

I have compiled an example using visual studio 2008 and running on a VM with a host of ubuntu 10.10. However, the application crashed every time when it starts. Looks like it crashed here as shown below. Anyone knows why, thanks

CWinApp* pApp = AfxGetApp();

// new in 2.0 CAS.CADE uses the standard C++ exception mechanism
/*#ifdef _DEBUG // By Matra
// _Function declaratiob here because you can jump to InitFailure
Standard_ErrorHandler _Function;
#endif // _DEBUG // By Matra
// AFX internal initialization
if (!AfxWinInit(hInstance, hPrevInstance, lpCmdLine, nCmdShow))
goto InitFailure;

// App global initializations (rare)
if (!pApp->InitApplication()) //where it crashed.
goto InitFailure;

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Forgot the mention, the VM is running windows 7

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Actually it crashed at ASSERT_VALID(pApp);