crash in void StdSelect_BRepOwner::Clear

in StdSelect_BrepOwner.cxx line 142 :
PM->Clear(myPrsSh,M);// what's the point of clearing a null object ?
maybe it should be :


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Hello Stephane,

Thank you for noticing and reporting this problem. It is now registered as the bug OCC17460 "Error in StdSelect_BRepOwner::Clear". We shall fix the problem and provide the fix in one of the next releases of Open CASCADE Technology - for the list of fixes please check the Release Notes at

Best regards,
Forum Supervisor

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The problem still exists in OCC6.5.0

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Hi Pawel,
Unfortunately the identified bug still is not fixed because of lack of resources.
We will increase priority of this bug and will try to do all our best to fix it at the nearest time depending on our technical capabilities. If you can't wait and the problem is urgent for you, you may contact us via Contact Form