Crash when loading a sample application

after I newly installed OpenCasacde, I compiled a sample application. When I would like to run it (in debug mode) I had this error message:

Unhandled exception in SampleOcaf.exe (Kernel32.dll):
0xE06D7363: Microsoft C++ Exception

Whait`s the problem, and how can I solve it?


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I have encountered same problem as you.And I could avoid this problem as follows.

In SampleOcafDoc.cpp,
There is a method called OnUpdateModify().
In this method, handle of ObjectPrs become NULL.
So, if you check this handle is NULL or not, and if you return when this handle is NULL, you can avoid it.
But I don't know why this handle become NULL.

Could someone analyze it?
(I am beginner,too)

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See when u install fresh OpenCascade. You also have to make some setting in Visual Studio. I hope u have done it. If not they are available at FAQ option "Windows Specific Issuse-Using VC++ environment......" in Community Tag of website

Next after setting open the workspace (Your Example) then build it. I think your problem will be solved.