crash in WNT_Window::DoResize


I have a crash in my application because of WNT_Window::DoResize()

an exception is throwed because WNT_Window::BackingStore() returns Standard_False.

This exection occurs only whith one shape in a 2d view.

Why BackingStore is returning false ? Where can it come from ?

thanks in advance,


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Hello stephane, Did you check that you respect the conidtions to avoid an error ??

I mean sometimes, there is a limited windows size you have to respect, and if you don't this causes the prog to crash. Hope it helps you Regards Omar

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Hello Omar,

the window is not very big : it is contained in a dialog box.

I already use the same mecanism in other part of my application, but it is the first time I havd this crash.


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Hi !

Could it have something to do with the fact that you have it in a dialog box ?, the messages sent to a dialog box is a bit different then the ones you get in an ordinary window, maybe you miss a message or something like that ?