Creating IFC files with Open Cascade

Hello everyone,

I'm new on this forum so I hope I'm not making any mistake by asking my question here.

Here's what I'd like to do:
I am currently working on a Computer Aided Design program, and I wish to create an export module with the IFC format with Visual Studio (2010).
However, I am a beginner with both Open Cascade and Visual Studio, and I am facing many problems. It would help me a lot if you could answer this question : may I include Open Cascade as a library of my project? If I can, how?
I guess the answer can already be found somewhere, yet I have been searching for a whole day and didn't find anything to help me with this matter.

Thank you for reading and sorry for my poor english, I am not native. :)

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Dear Etienne,
Open CasCade is a set of libraries and for sure you can add any necessary library to your project.
First I would suggested you to overlook available with public release documentation (%CASROOT%\doc\overview directory).
See chapters 'Overview/Installation/Environment Variables' and 'Overview/MFC samples'. I do hope you will find some hints in these chapters.

Best regards