Creating Solid

Hi everyone, I was exploring open cascade as a student I am interested on 3d and open cascade hooked up my attention...but I tried to create solid from faces to shell then make a solid from shell...

When I export the solid to brepĀ its same with shell, just hollow inside...I was expecting it to be filled solid...

What I did is create face from points, then collection of faces to shell, then create a solid from that shell

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If you have taken screenshot with capping turned ON, then your Shell lacks Closed flag (by default Shell is open).
It is difficult to say where this step was skipped, as you haven't provided your code.

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Hi, thank you for reply, I found the issue that I didn't use Build() on it, the object is now hollowed..I still have a problem with boolean operations...most of the time I got a result...but sometimes I got nothing...