Creating solid from triangulated surfaces

I have a triangulated surfaces (basically imported from stl). I wanted to create a solid from them. I try to create a shell from this triangulated surfaces, but it is too much and wouldn't worked for me!

Any one who have an idea!!

Best Regards

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Hi, Game Milky,
I think you can refer to the StlAPI::Read (TopoDS_Shape &aShape, const Standard_CString aFile), this static function can Create a shape from a STL format.

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Dear eryar,

Thank you very much for your hint..
I am successful to read in stl file format and change to occ shape. But my current problem is to create and solid from imported closed surfaces. Or to merge those triangles to surface. And then greate solid from this surfaces.

If you have any idea, hope u share me

Thanks again

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Hi Game,

Maybe you need the component: Surfaces from Scattered Points.

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Dear Liwei,

This is a commercial i guess! Is there any in opensource part of OCC. I have no fund to buy the SSP!
But thank you for your information. But i appreciate if you share me.