Curve fit & Curve join

Hi, I have two questions about curves
1- Is it possible to create a curve using some points (point cloud) (point data may be noisy so an approximate curve is being created)
2- Is it possible to join two curves (or surfaces) that have same tangent values at intersection? (reverse of splitting)

Thanks for replies

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to 1) take a look at GeomAPI_Interpolate

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to 2) i dont know if it work, but you could try to create edges out of the curves, fuse them and create a adaptor-curve out of the result-edge. Maybe you will get a single adaptor-curve which you can convert back into a normal curve-format

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An alternative would be to iterate over the curves and read out the point with the function "D0". Out of the points you get, you can create with "GeomAPI_Interpolate" a b-spline curve.
Dont know if a b-spline curve is ok, because it is a chain of bezier-curves. But this way you will have precision lost, dont know how exact the result curve have to be.