Curve parameters

I need to export following face to SVG (see attachment). The face consists of one closed outer bspline and several inner circles. Because SVG does not support bspline, I work with sample points. The problem I have is the direction of the sample points (clockwise vs counterclockwise) in closed edges.

To get the sample points I use following code (I'm using the python wrapper PythonOCC):

curve, firstParam, lastParam = BRep_Tool_Curve(curEdge)

I loop through some points using
curve.Value(firstParam + dP) (dP representing incrementing values from firstParam to lastParam)

Sometimes the sample points of the outer and inner edges (contour and holes/bspline and circles in this case) are all in the same direction, sometimes (when examining other faces) I get the correct direction.

Are the first and last parameters of a curve always according to direction? In this example I get firstParam=0, lastParam=1 so I get the sample points by going from 0 to 1 (instead going from 1 to 0 gives the correct direction of the points). If not, how to get the sample points of a curve in the right order/direction? Or does there exist an easy way to export faces to SVG?

Thanks in advance

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You need to consider the edge orientation. If it is FORWARD you get points from first to last, and if it is REVERSED you should get them in opposite way.

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Thanks a lot!! That does the job