Custom direction Isolines


I need isolines of a face but not only U or V directions.
I want to select the isoline direction.

Currently i use BRepAlgoAPI_Section.
I am creating a planar face and using this section algorithm to generate isline i want.

But it has performance problems on hundreds of isolines.

Is there any better way to do it.

Best regards.

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An isoline is a 3d curve corresponding to a horizontal (iso-V) or vertical (iso-U) straight line in parameter space.
If you need the same for any line (in parameter space), maybe there is some way to do it.
Or do you need planar sections (as you have done)?

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Thanks for answer,
Actually i am working about a CAM software.
So i need to calculate toolpath for sweeping operation.
Please see a sample attached.

Sometimes the distances between two 3d line is too small, so i need hundreds of
3d lines.

I am creating a plane and using section function to intersect it with the surface.
But it is too slow.

Actually my real need is paralel projection a line to surface but i couldnt find a way.

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You can try with BRepProj_Projection (or look at its code for something less generic), but I don't expect it to be much faster than intersecting with planes