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I'd like to Draw some OpenCascade Shapes into a custom viewer (i.e. an external component) that accepts simple primitives (line arcs,3d faces, etc...).
For example, I would like to get the polylines generated from a wireframe visualization, but I can't do that.
Should I write a custom driver? It would be enough to read the primitives contained in a GROUP but it seems that is not possible.
I don't need any attribute , like colors etc...

Thanks in advance.

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If yYou refer to exotk library, you can know how to represent that method.

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If you refer to exotk library, you can know how to represent that method.

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I did it drawing by myself the surfaces like Prs_WFSurface does. I draw some iso curves in the U direction and some others in the V direction. I just need to find the criteria to get the "good" number of curves in each direction to find a good rapresentation, but that's not so important! Thanks anyway :)

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Perhaps you could indeed benefit from different presentations Open CASCADE offers in StdPrs_* classes (using their ::Add() methods) and then render on your custom device.
Look at how OCC defines appropriate parameters - e.g. number of isolines is user-defined, while deflection for shading display can be computed from the size of the shape.

Hope this helps.

Roman Lygin