Custom Drawing in OCC window in ver 7.0.0


I am using OpenCascade several years. I had working application in version 6.7.0 . I used custom draw callback for specific OpenGL drawings. 

I have passed my callback by void V3d_View::SetWindow(const Handle(Aspect_Window)& aWindow,const Aspect_RenderingContext aContext,const Aspect_GraphicCallbackProc& aDisplayCB,const Standard_Address aClientData)

The third parameter aDisplayCB is a pointer to my callback function for custom draw. I was surprised after installation of ver 7.0.0 that this mechanism in not supported now.

How I can to implement custom drawing in the last version? 

I will thankful for any idea.


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Hello Boris,

Please, have a look at the porting notes at

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Thank you very much