Cutting a semi infinite solid

Hello everybody,
for my project I need to cut a finite solid (made by extrusion) with an infinite one (also extruded).
I'm using BRepAlgoAPI_Cut to do this and it seems that it works half of the time. The algorithm is crashing so can't give me an error status. The error would be in the using of a hash map inside the BRepAlgoAPI_Cut algorithm. I have to make my second operand finite to perform the cut successfully.
I just want to know if it is a known problem of OCC and if some of you have already thought of a possible solution.

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I can confirm that this fails for my project too. Simply create a semi-infinite prism and try to use it to cut from any solid and it will fail. This is a common need in any CAD application so I guess others may have found a work around they could share perhaps?

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It is better if you restrict your prism. Try bounding box of the opposite Boolean operand to estimate the value of restriction.