CVS access

I wish to install OpenCascade and Salome on FC3.
I have to recompile everything against my installed rpm
I have seen in salomé forum that there are some patches to apply or
at least it requires access to OpoenCascade CVS source.

How can I access to the cvs?

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They took away all CVS access some time ago -- Which I think really stinks.

It's a lot easier to understand a large body of intricate and mature code when you can go back and observe how the code has changed over time. Without access to the CVS repository, gaining an intimate understanding of the code has been made significantly more burdensome.

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They could not have the CVS public any longer, they only give minor updates to paying customers so if they had the CVS public any one could "steel" the minor updates....

But the "official" reason was that there was not enough people giving contributions back to OCC (constributions the users that contributed them would not see in OCC for a long time... the true spirit of Open Source).

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Dear Mr. Miller,

The reason for not providing CVS access to Open CASCADE Technology sources is that OCCT is maintained under different source control system (SCCS) and uses different integration policy than usually adopted in CVS projects (ours is based on WOK and ensuring non-regression of OCCT).

You are right, several years ago Open CASCADE S.A provided CVS access to the snapshot of the OCCT version, however it did not prove to be useful for development of OCCT.

As for understanding OCCT code, we consider reading the documentation is the right way. Parsing integration history, even if might be useful for code understanding, can be also misleading, and may not bring added value comparable to one provided within the documentation.

Hope this answer helps you understand our position.

Sincerely Yours,
Forum Supervisor