CVS Build under Redhat Linux


I have been attempting for some time to build OpenCASCADE 4.0 from CVS under Redhat Linux 7.1. I am using autoconf/automake, but the process is extremly painful (I have also attempted to build with adm/ *.COMP files as a last resort). My system is equipped with autoconf-2.13-10 and automake-1.4-8 under the 2.4.9-31 kernel. On suggestion from Philippe PONCOT at, I have checked out inc/ src/ drv/ make/ configure acinclude.m4 INSTALL README COPYING AUTHORS and ChangeLog followed by setting $GLHOME, $XMUHOME, and $TCLHOME. I also manually created the link from make/install-sh to install-sh in the CASROOT directory. Missing from the suggestion was the execution of `./configure` to set for the system, create the Makefiles, etc. which I did with the optional configure argurments for --prefix, --with-tcl, --with-tk, --with-java-include. Finally, following the suggestion I proceeded to cd src and issue `make`. This initiated the build, however it failed during ModelingAlgorithms package due to lack of disk space (it occupied 15GB at that point!). One thing that I noticed was that object files were not being cleaned up from the .libs directories. I attempted to build individual modules (FoundationClasses, etc) and was able to get static and dynamic libraries in the .libs directories. However, I issued a `make clean` to remove the *.o and removed the .libs also. Any related suggestions would be appreciated.

Perhaps someone could also post the correct procedure on the site since a review of this Forum shows lots of questions and few answers on the CVS build process.

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try the configure option:


For some insane reason, yes is the default.

On my dual P4 600 it takes about 20 hours to compile! (make -j 2) But the disk space is not more than 500 Meg if I remember.

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This is what I had to do to get my unmodified working copy to compile:

- Modify src/XSDRAWEXE/ lines 77-78 to set variable CSF_XmuLibs_INCLUDE and CSF_XmuLibs_LIB instead of CSF_xmuLibs_LIB and CSF_xmuLibs_LIB (substituted values between @ signs are unchanged)
- Comment out lines 3582-3683, 4581-4611 of generated libtool script as $max_cmd_len is not set and results in a recursive n^2 link of each object in each library that requires enormous disk space (> 15GB). I am not a autoconfig/automake person. Hopefully, someone can fix this in the Repository!
- Add TKSTL and TKVRML to the DataExchange target of src/Makefile

Hope this helps someone else (and it gets fixed).