CVS free space problem to build

Hi all,

I try to compile CVS src on my hppa linux box.
(No precompiled release for this platform that is normal).

I prepare first a fs of about 2Gb.
I copy in cvs src and started to configure with some options
to specify tcl/tk path. Then make which failled after some time:
"No space left on device"

Well I extend the fs to 3Gb (the max still available)
but that is not yet enough.
Can somebody could advise me on the space actually needed to do?

Thanks in advance,

PS: on hppa, java is not yet available
and only gcc release > 3.0.4

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Hi !

It must be something else, even a pretty bad one with everything compiled wiuth debug info and everything in it should use less then 1GB disk space, you are not getting some weird message ?, did you check if you actually did run out of disk space ?


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Finally I choose autoopencas (Robert Boehne's project) to rebuild OpenCascade cvs libs.

Thanks also to Robert's help and patience, we reached to figure out that the problem came from the packages automake, autoconf and (mainly) libtool already installed on my distro. After the remove of those packages the rebuild went better. Even thought not yet finished, it already build libTKernel (share and static) where it failled previously.

Well it would certainly need more then a 1Gb (sources included it already feel in about 1Gb and build just more then one lib) but I am now quit confident that 4Gb would be enough (Robert advice).