Data Exchange and preserving Materials

Hi forum.
I'm just started looking into open cascade and it seems like you have a bunch of good technology here.
I'm thinking of implementing STEP /Iges import to a project of mine and you seems to have come a long way with this. I tried out the ImportExport sample and noticed that the materials (on feature level) are not preserved. I saw one project, DECAF, that aimed to implement this but I cant find the status for this project.

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Hi Marcus,

The project name is obsolete, it is now called XDE (eXtended Data Exchange) and is a part of Open CASCADE for a long time already.
API is provided by STEP/IGESCAFControl_Reader which translates into OCAF document with predefined structure where metadata (such as colors, materials, layers, etc) are attached. The material is represented by XCAFDoc_Material.

See Data Exchange User's Guide for details.


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Thank you.
I will look into it.


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And where can I find the exact these predefined places where the colors, materials and layers are attached to the labels of the document?

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take a look at XCAFDoc_ColorTool and XCAFDoc_LayerTool inside the XDE documentation...



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