Data visualization and tree view

I was using your application and I loaded a STEP file that contained a set of shapes. When the file was displayed in the viewer I had the overall assembly represented as a single shape and not as an assembly of elementary SOLID shapes (for example).
So I tryed to change the code of the plug-in DXSTEP in order to break down
the shape into sub shapes before to give them back as Entities collextion.
That was fine, but the tree structure provided by the application becam a flat
structure. The reason is related with the fact that in the first case the DXSTEP plug-in
returned a TopoDS_Compond, meanwhile in the second case my code returned a list of TopoDS_Solid.
I was wandering if there is a way to show the assembly as a set of elements in the viewer and at the same time to have a correct three representation for the assembly
Beside, is there a way to attach information to shapes?
I'm thinking about something like
the mechanism provided by the OCAF document class that is based
on the use of TDF_Labels.


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Hi Paolo,

I know this issue in the plugins.

The main reason is that I'm using the AIS_Shape object to display in the viewer.
As you can see in the STL or 3DS plugin, I defined my own entity for meshes.
I will also do the same with shapes, and with an enhanced AIS object for the display.

The version is an early version.
For the moment, I don't have a lot of time to work on it, but the next months, I will ( I hope ).

It is the same for attaching informations to shapes : it will come.

Can you send me the modifications you made on the plugin ?

I will integrate them as soon as the mecanism is available.

Thanks a lot for your advice.