Debian comp&install questions


I have installed, and compiled OC5.2 on my Debian sid. Compilation with gcc-3.3 requires to modify two header files Plugin_Macro.hxx and Draw_Plugin_Macro.hxx ... it was described in another posts (e.g. . To compile DRAW and another TclTk OC modules I had to use Tcl&Tk8.0 libs and header files.

When I tried to compile it with Tcl&Tk8.4 I obtained a lot of errors connected with “invalid conversion from...” inconsistency in types of declared and returned variables. From Tcl8.0 to next releases (including Tcl8.4) prototypes of some important for OC functions ware changed (mostly from “type”* to const “type”* eg. Tcl_GetVar; Tcl_CreateCommand... ). In some cases it is easy to fix by changing declarations in OC header files, but part of them require changes in OC classes or its casting. I have given up because of lack of knowledge and time...:(

Is there anybody who has done this or who has prepared appropriate patch for OC to work with Tcl8.3-4?

The second problem is connected with the size of the output libraries after its installation. In config process I used only standard options (./configure –with-tcl=... --with-tk=... --prefix=...). In doc it is written that by default only shared library are built. My new build libraries are more than 10 times larger!!! then original libs from “../OpenCASCADE5.2/ros/lin/lib/”.
What's going on?


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Perhaps your libs contain debugging symbols (which are included if g++ gets the "-g" flag)? You could get rid of that flag (hacking at the Makefiles? yak, or at the "configure" script, also yak) or use the "strip" command manually. OCC is one big mamma, no doubt.
I also tried to build on a Debian, configure wouldn't run without tcl/tk (and I don't want to install that). My simpler hack was to build OCC using scons, but kinda lost interest.
Good luck though,

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thanks:)it looks much more better now. I hope that someone would rsolve the first problem with TclTk libraries anyway:). Hopefully Tk libraries are required only for additional modules like TKDRAW.