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Hi all,

I changed settings to win64 debug mode and successfully compiled OCC current version on Windows 8.1 using VC9.
Now I try to compile the winforms sample in CSharp Folder.
--> The SLN file seems to be for a newer version of VC. So using the MSVC file in the samples folder does not work out for me. So I used the env.bat to set the environment variables and ran vc9 manually creating a new sln which includes the Winforms Project as well as the OCCProxy Project.
--> Building this new SLN file works fine, but when I try to run it in VC9, I get an error message (see attached).
--> From what I get, there must be a dll included, that has been compiled with a different version of .net. Looking at the target .net framework, everything has been set to v3.5 of .net.

Could someone give me a hint how to avoid this and get the sample running correctly? I am a bit at a loss here.

Appreciate any help.

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Dear Axel,

The recent official release of OCCT for Windows contains libraries built with VC++ 2010. It explains difficulties you met.
If you can't use VC++ 2010 you may download the previous version of OCCT (6.7.1) which by default was built with VC++ 2008 and correspondingly contains all project and other files supporting VC++ 2008 ==>
Following this way you can easy avoid extra efforts and problems specified by you.
Best regards

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Dear FSR,

thanks a lot, it worked.

Best regards,