Debugging (MFC)

Hi !

Would it be possible to compile all the source files (except the opengl.dll stuff of course) into one big dll file, this would make it much simpler to create a debug version of Open CASCADE.

The problem is, I am not sure if the dll files depend on the names of other dll files and so on, does any one have any idea if this would be possible ?


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Hi Mikael,

Please don't press the button twice you clutter my mailbox with your numerous posts. There is no advantage making one sole dll for the whole. Debugging through dlls is no problem. The only recommanded thing is not to mix modes even if most of the time it does work. Anyway I guess it would be OK to create one sole dll (even Opengl.dll could be linked, the dynamic loading is an old rest of alternate solutions which do not exist with NT). Be careful not to use precompiled headers. They explode and it generates a strange non documented error.