Debugging in Visual C++

I'm using all the Open Cascade (debugging) libraries in Microsoft C++ 6.0

The problem is than if i try to press F11 (Step Into) in a debugging session, I'm not able to view the execution, step by step, in Header files (*.hxx).

On the contrary all is ok if the type of the file is different (*.cxx *.lxx etc).

What is the problem?

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I found that the problem is in the "delete" operator.

It I write this code:

Standard_Transient *aux=new Standard_Transient(); delete aux;

The constructor of the class is correctly used (I have checked by "Step Into" command of Microsoft Debugger).

On the contrary, I wasn't able to invoke the "delete" operator of the class with the "delete aux" instruction. The "Step Into" command, in fact, goes directly to the next instruction. Event if I try to set a breakpoint in the class code, the Standard_Transient::operator delete is not invoked.

Is that a bug?

PS I have read about a Microsoft Visual C++ but about exporting classes in a DLL and the delete operator. You can find the document in Microsoft Knowledge Base (search "wrong operator delete").