defeaturing in opencascade

Is there a way to perform defeaturing on CAD models with opencascade?
I know there is a class for reshaping (BRepTools_ReShape) but this does not change the geometry after removing an element (for example a fillet). So, I'm wondering if there is any defeaturing capabilities in opencascade?

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Yes, hope OCC can integrate unfillet and unchamfer to defeature solid shape. In FEM, defeature is so important for pre-processing.


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Dear Ata,
'Defeaturing' used in CAD modeling mainly is a subject for parametric engines of CAD applications. OpenCascade has all necessary tools (Application Framework for example)
to implement this useful feature. So, you are welcome with your contributions via the Collaborative portal -
In case if you will need our technical assistance you may contact us via the Contact Form