in "Demonstration" of your Web Site

in "Demonstration" of your Web Site, the program "ShapeViewer" don't run; int the file "run.bat" you wrote: "java.exe -cp .;ShapeViewer.jar AppStarter" and the error is: "bad command or bad file"

the file "AppStarter" don't exist (it is maybe "AppViewer" in ".\Registry\". But with this file, I have the same error...

I used Windows95 and JRE 1.2

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I think you've forgot to set correctly one of your environment variables. To run done this demo, you must set path with : old path,the dll files path, the java and java/bin path, the demonstration path. Verify your run.bat file and insert absolute path for all environment variables.



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I have in the "run.bat":

set CSF_GRAPHICSHR=OL\opengl.dll set CSF_MDTVFontDirectory=OL\data set CSF_MDTVTexturesDirectory=OL\data set CSF_MDTVUnitsDefinition=OL\data\Units.dat set CSF_PluginDefaults=.\REGISTRY set CSF_AppViewerDefaults=.\REGISTRY set PATH=.;.\OL;%PATH% java -cp .;ShapeViewer.jar AppStarter

but for example OL\data don't exist ...

there is a problem !

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I suppose you need to define java.exe path. Try next:

[Path of your JDK or JRE]\bin\java -cp .;ShapeViewer.jar AppStarter