Depth map generation from a step file


Hello all,

I am a newcomer and have very little experience with pythonOCC.
I ran a few examples and realized how powerful it is...

However I have a quite specific need, and wonder if pythonOCC is the right technology for that.

I would like to import a step file, and generate a rastered top view of the scene as a depth map.

This means providing a rendering metric resolution (in X/Y/Z), and generating a 2D image whose pixel value is the height of the object at this position.
An alternative to that is to output a cloud of points (X/Y/Z as doubles) on the same X/Y support.
Special attention is of course needed for holes, where the Z value should encode that there is no info.

Does anybody implemented this kind of thing?
If pythonOCC is definitely not the proper technology to implement this, do you see any alternative?

Thanks for your help!