Derived AIS_InteractiveObject

Hi all,

Im working with my own (very simple) AIS_InteractiveObject derived classes (because im displaying a lot of very simple objects on the screen, and AIS_Shape is an overkill and slow).

However there is one complex (for me) aspect of AIS_Shape that id like to implement for some of my AIS_InteractiveObject derived classes, and thats "shape decomposition" in order to be able to pick vertices, for example, as well as the entire shape.

I have a couple of questions for anybody who'd be kind enough to help.

1) Is "shape decomposition" really what i need to implement?

2) Ive tried to follow the opencascade code down to see how it works but ive got hopelessly lost. Can anybody help me with an idea of how its implemented, or at least an indication about where i should be looking?

Thanks very much!


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Hi Dave,
have a look at the visualization manual (visu.pdf) there is an example at section 3.5.11 that show you how to open a local context and activate standard modes and filters to select an axis from different ways. You could use similar stuff for what you needs. The whole chapter 3 would be a good reading to understand how the AIS package work.

Good Luck,