Determining a surface is inside another surface?

Hi Everybody!

i'm using OCC 5.2 and my problem is how to determine a surface is inside another surface? i tried Brep_Feat::IsInside() function but it only worked with two planar surfaces. Could someone help me to solve this problem?

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What does "a surface is inside another" mean ? Is it that 2nd surface lies within a half-space formed by the 1st surface ? Another example - two concentric spheres ?
In any case you have to deal with normals, I guess. You could try to get any point P1 from 1st surface and P2 from 2nd. Compute a dot product of vector {P1, P2} and normal N1 of surface S1 at a point P1. If it's negative then S2 is inside S1, otherwise - outside. Of course, the above assumption is relevant only if surfaces can be placed one inside another (i.e. do not intersect, do not wrap each other and so forth).

Hope this helps.

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Thanks Roman
I've found my own method to solve this problem. But your suggestion is also useful. I'll try to deal with your method and then compare two results.
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