DFBrowser command is not attached (windows) Draw Test Harness

Hello, I have already browsed through past threads for a solution, I have not found and understood what needs to be done.

I am recieving this pesky "...DFBrowser command is not attached..." upon entering pload ALL. I do not understand what this is. Normally when one opens of a software application, it just loads. Here I am getting this strange command line. I like command line for entering precise location values instead of clicking, but this is user hostile.

Something about making environment variables for CSF_DFBROWSER, in my case it is "C:\Program Files (x86)\OpenCASCADE6.3.0\tools\ocafbrowser\win32\qt\lib"

Someone else just dumped the files DFBrowser.dll and DFBrowser.lib into respective \bin \lib folders under "C:\Program Files (x86)\OpenCASCADE6.3.0\ros\win32" .... and that allowed it to work for him.

All I know, is something is looking for these files (as inferred by other posts), and the application cannot find these files, I do not understand the file structure. Where am I going wrong, as well as perhaps many others potentially turned away by a potentially great application. Thank you for the help!

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With these variables :

rem =========Set Variables before running==================
rem Path to this folder
set WokRoot=E:\OCC620\wok\wok_entities\refw2005
rem Path to binaries of cascade
set CASROOT=E:/OCC620/ros
rem Path to DFBrowser workbench
set DFBrowserPATH=E:\OCC620\tools\ocafbrowser\win32\fl\lib

rem ===CASCADE default settings======================================
set PATH=%CASROOT%\..\3rdparty\win32\tcltk\bin;%CASROOT%\win32\bin;%PATH%
set CSF_MDTVFontDirectory=%CASROOT%\src\FontMFT
set CSF_SHMessage=%CASROOT%\src\SHMessage
set CSF_MDTVTexturesDirectory=%CASROOT%\src\Textures
set CSF_XSMessage=%CASROOT%\src\XSMessage
set CSF_StandardDefaults=%CASROOT%\src\StdResource
set CSF_PluginDefaults=%CASROOT%\src\StdResource
set CSF_XCAFDefaults=%CASROOT%\src\StdResource
set CSF_GraphicShr=%CASROOT%\win32\bin\TKOpenGl.dll
set CSF_UnitsLexicon=%CASROOT%\src\UnitsAPI\Lexi_Expr.dat
set CSF_UnitsDefinition=%CASROOT%\src\UnitsAPI\Units.dat
set CSF_IGESDefaults=%CASROOT%\src\XSTEPResource
set CSF_STEPDefaults=%CASROOT%\src\XSTEPResource

set TCLLIBPATH=C:\OCC620\3rdparty\win32\tcltk\lib
set TCL_LIBRARY=C:\OCC620\3rdparty\win32\tcltk\lib\tcl8.4
set TK_LIBRARY=C:\OCC620\3rdparty\win32\tcltk\lib\tk8.4
set TIX_LIBRARY=%CASROOT%\..\3rdparty\win32\tcltk\lib\tix8.1

rem =========================================

set DRAWHOME=E:/OCC620/wok/wok_entities/refw2005/src/Impact/standard_tcl

set path=%WokRoot%/wnt/lib;%IPPOP_DIR%;%CASROOT%/wnt/bin;%CASROOT%/wnt/lib;%CASROOT%\win32\bin;%CASROOT%\win32\lib;%DFBrowserPATH%;%path%

With :
Draw[1]> pload ALL
Draw[2]> NewDocument D MDTV-XCAF
document D created
Draw[3]> DFBrowse D
Draw[4]> DFBrowser D

It is working fine on my computer.
I am working with OCC620.