DFBrowser.dll on Windows

ahoy! new to the community, and Open CASCADE Tech, going through the documentation provided, but i'm stuck at the very beginning, on the section titled "Experimenting with Draw Test Harness." I start the application, type in "pload ALL," and get the usual message that most people are getting (did some searching on the matter last night), "Cannot load Debug Browser library. DFBrowser command is not attached."

And so I've inserted an environment system environment variable titled CSF_DFBrowser with a Value of "C:\OpenCASCADE6.2.0\tools\ocafbrowser\win32\qt\lib\" but that didn't work, (even restarted just in case though I realize it isn't necessary, I was slightly desperate and was hoping some voodoo magic take over. :P

So, then I changed it from 'qt' to 'fl,' then inserted two variables where each pointed to seperate libraries. Then, I tried using quotes. Restarted again, but still the same message. Even tried pointing to the dll file itself.

Hopefully, someone can help save my sanity :)

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Fixed the problem by putting the DFBroswer LIB file and the DFBrowser DLL into the DRAWEXE's directory "C:\OpenCASCADE6.2.0\ros\win32\bin."

Also, some other progams were requesting the qt-mt333.dll file, and the answer to that problem was placing it in the program's directory. I know it's an ugly way of fixing the problem, but atleast it's working, and I can begin familiarizing myself with CAD/CAM software :)