Difference between BrepAlgoAPI_Section and BrepAlgo_Section

I want to get the intersection between two shapes but when I have used BrepAlgoAPI_Section, I found this error handled exception at 0x7c81eb33 in Project.exe: Microsoft C++ exception: StdFail_NotDone @ 0x0012eb7c. and when I added the test (Section.IsDone()), I found that always the section can't be done but when I have used BrepAlgo_Section the section is done.
I can't understand the difference between BrepAlgoAPI_Section and BrepAlgo_Section.
There is any one who can explain me the difference.
Thank you

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In general, Brep(.*)API_(.*) - functions have been added more recently as a replacement for the non -API functions.
The older implemetations have been kept included for compatibility.

Why your specific case fails, I do not know.

What i know is that all of the algoAPI-fucntions are very picky about the shapes they are used upon. It might help to experiment with the Shape-Healing functions OCCT provides (on your base shapes).

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Thank you very much Tilman Leune