Difference between function AIS_InteractiveContext::Remove(), Erase() and Clear()

Hi everybody,

in my application I am trying to remove specific interactive objects from my interactive context. Tha AIS_InteractiveContext class offers three different functions Remove(), Erase() and Clear(). Reading the help and cdl files hasn't revealed the differences between those three functions to me. Can anyone explain the differences and which function has to be used at which circumstances?

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Sorry for pushing this old thread, but i need this answer, too.

I've got a AIS_Shape from a step/igs-file. My Application requires a function to delete (i mean to free the memory) a shape and not only to set is as invisible.

So what is the difference between Remove, Erase and clear?

Which is the right function for deleting?
Which is the right function to set a shape as invisible?