difference between TopTools_SequenceOfShape and TopTools_HSequenceOfShape

I dont understand the difference between TopTools_SequenceOfShape and TopTools_HSequenceOfShape .
There is any one who can explain me what is the difference.


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TopTools_SequenceOfShape is manipulated by value.
TopTools_HSequenceOfShape is manipulated by handle.

TopTools_SequenceOfShape instantiates the TCollection_Sequence class (with TopoDS_Shape class).
TopTools_HSequenceOfShape instantiates the TCollection_HSequence wich inherits from MMgt_TShared (with TopoDS_Shape class too).


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Thank you very much Denis for your help.
I want to put a set of vertices in a sequence of shape but I have another value I want to put it with the vertex. This value indicates the color of this point.
IN the beginning I use a vector to store all the points from a file. Then according to the fourth value I selected the compound in which the item will belong.
Each compound has its own color.
I can not know the color of the point at the beginning. I have to go through all the file and finally I know the color of each point

Thank you for your help