Digital Mockup Simplification

Digital mockup (DMU) is an essential ingredient in continuous engineering workflow but it can also bring business value by being streamlined to other enterprise processes such as manufacturing, quality control, maintenance, etc.

To serve your various needs efficiently, the DMU often requires adaptation to a particular process. OPEN CASCADE is pleased to announce a flexible approach for DMU optimization. Our solution allows simplification, cleaning, repairing and careful reduction of your 3D data to serve various downstream applications in end-to-end processes.

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This looks pretty cool. Congratulations to the developers who contributed into this.

The paper is technical marketing and does not provide particular technical insights. Could you elaborate here on how this is supposed to be used/available - which part of these (if any) will be API of OCC, or whether this is going to be a commercial add-on, or whether it is just an example of a possible use case ? That is, technical details on the underneath technologies would be interesting.

Thank you in advance.

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Dear Roman,

At Open Cascade we have our own software including the CAD simplification that is surely based on OCCT.

But it’s not a part of OCCT and is not planned to be a public commercial component.

That software is used as a part of our internal chain for 3D solutions and use cases that Open Cascade delivers to our industrial clients.

Sorry for delay with the reply.

Best Regards, FSR

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Dear FSR,

Thank you for the clarification.

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Dear All,

OPEN CASCADE's DMU simplification software (CAD Processor) is now available for free evaluation here:

You are welcome to try it out.

Sincerely yours,
CAD Processor Team.