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Hi All,

I am facing problem in displaying the large number of objects of the same kind on the view. I tried displaying the 25K vertex objects on the view by creating the BRep_API Make Vertex and its throwing crash after displaying around 18K. Can anybody suggest how to rectify the problem of crash for displaying the large number of objects ( Vertex) of the same kind ...nearly 1 lakh objects....

Thanks in Anticipation,

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Hi Vijay,

try creating your own AIS_InteractiveObject. You can find an example in the User_Cylinder.cxx in the OC samples.


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Thanks Pawel,

I have created a separate interactive object of our own and tried displaying it. Even facing the same problem.


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Hi Vijay,

you don't try to display 25 000 your customized objects, do you?

The trick is to make one AIS_InteractiveObject displaying many objects. I managed to display 10 million points that way (or even more, I'm not sure right now).


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Hi Pawel,

I have created my own Interactive Object class and presented all the points in the same object and add the selection primitives for all the points. But problem here is, i am not able to select each point individually and all the points are selected as a whole. By having all the points as a single interactive object, can we able to select each point individually?

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I am new to opencascade and i wanna know how to store a slice or any other part inorder to display them.please let me know.